Thursday, 13 December 2012

Potty Talk

An old post - actually 3 years old....

Parents are expected to teach kids that certain topics are not to be discussed in public, one important category being what happens inside the bathroom. 

My 4.5 year old has taken a fancy for talking about precisely this – POTTY. He loves the topic....and we have no idea why! Thankfully, we are subjected to the dialogues only for 10 mins a day, while he is doing the job! 

He gets very offended if we tell him firmly, not to talk about it... He assumes we don’t want him to talk at all. Then he tries haggling... “Can I say just one more sentence and then stop?”, “There is just one thing I need to say”, etc etc. So we let him finish and hope that it would be the last time we would need to discuss it. 

When we try and ignore the talk, he makes himself really really loud and clear. “Mamma, you know how much I did today?”, “Daddy, I did hard potty!” 

There are times he sounds so gross, yet funny, that we end up in splits, and that is exactly the reaction he seems to be waiting for. These times, there is just no stopping him. I am deliberately avoiding the dialogues, because I really don’t know how many of you will want to read them! But all I can say is that the descriptions that we get are comparable to the cricket commentary coming from Harsha Bhogle. 

With these different approaches, one would think that he would start losing interest, but the crowning glory is this afternoon’s dialogue, when he skipped his routine. “Mamma, my potty seems to be having too much fun inside my tummy, it is refusing to come out!” – Characterisation is the last thing we expected ... or wanted! 


  1. LOL! This is hilarious. Is he over this inclination now?

  2. @ Ro.... Thankfully he is over and done with that phase. Although my younger one who just turned 4, said this last morning....

    Ayush: Mamma, is my potty nice?
    Mamma: WHAAAT? What do you mean?
    Ayush: I meant, do you think I am done?